About GoJo

A place to celebrate

At GOJO, we believe in encouraging people to dress with intent and passion.

We pride ourselves on collecting a range that everyone can shop, adding quality pieces to your wardrobe that have a history you can boast about.

Our store is a house of fun, a place to celebrate individuality and shop sustainably.

Isn't that the best?

If you have been in our store, chances are you've met the wonderful Jo Bratton.

With a passion for sustainable fashion and a love for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, she created GOJO recycled store 15 years ago and has been a staple in the Auckland retro scene ever since.

Jo is endless in her knowledge about fashion from every era and trusted by many to handle their pieces with care until they find their new wardrobes to reside in.

If you are looking for a piece or want to explore a new look, GOJO is where you need to go.